1986年  神奈川県 横浜市生まれ

2004年  大阪府立港南造形高等学校

               モダンクラフト科 卒業

2014年  第59回 二科 千葉支部展 【最優秀賞】

               第99回 二科展 【入選】

2015年  第60回 二科 千葉支部展 【同人推挙】


2016年  個展 (東京・恵比寿)

2017年  グループ展(モナコ) ※ル・サロン絵画顧問より奨励

               ふるさと納税 返礼品

2018年  グループ展(伊勢丹浦和店/埼玉) 



2019年  グループ展(伊勢丹浦和店/埼玉)




2020年  グループ展(福屋八丁堀本店/広島)



Presentation by the artist


"21 Roses"   21.0×29.7cm    Watercolor. Framed.
"21 Roses" 21.0×29.7cm Watercolor. Framed.


水彩  21.0×29.7 cm(作品サイズ)  額入り 



2016年 初めての個展の為に書き下ろした本作のタイトル『21本のバラ』の花言葉は「真実の愛」です。


真ん中のピンクは オペラ。 赤は クリムゾンレーキ。 オレンジは バーミリオン。 青は プルシャンブルー。囲むような金色はライトゴールドを使用しています。作品の周りを装うパールとピンクの2枚の台紙は、特別なデザインカットにオーダーしました。




Artist's comment: 

The title of this work, "21 Roses," was drawn for my first solo exhibition in 2016. The flower language of rose is "true love".

I depicted a bouquet of pink roses when I smelled them in a luscious way using watercolors with plenty of water. The pink in the middle is opera. Red is a crimson rake. Orange is a vermillion. Blue is Prussian blue. The surrounding gold color is light gold. The two mats, one in pearl and the other in pink, disguised around the piece, were ordered in a special design cut.

The white frame, which is perfect for a nice woman's room, is also very pretty with a pearl-like lace decoration.

A bouquet of roses that will never wither, with love from Mami Nakamura.


"The Malachite - I will protect you"   27.3 x 22.0cm  Oil painting, gold foil and Malachite.   Framed.
"The Malachite - I will protect you" 27.3 x 22.0cm Oil painting, gold foil and Malachite. Framed.

「マラカイト 〜あなたを守る〜」

油彩・純金箔・マラカイト  27.3 x 22.0 cm(作品サイズ)  額入り 





動物の鋭い眼のような縞模様があるため、洞察力を高め、先見の明をもたらし、安全な方向へと導くと信じられ、現代でも人気のパワーストーンです。また 、邪気をはね返し、運気を上昇させる力を持つといわれています。


本作に使用している群緑というグリーンの岩絵具はマラカイトを砕いた顔料です。近付いて見ていただくとマラカイトの顔料の粒子を ご確認いただけます。こちらは人気のシリーズで、同じようなアズライトというブルーの宝石を使用した作品は すでにお嫁に行ってしまいました。

パワーストーンのようなお守りとしても、お部屋に飾りたいと ご好評いただいております。

銀箔の上に描いた空に ぽっかりと浮かぶ白い雲といっしょに、そっとあなたを見守ってくれています。


Malachite is a gemstone that has been loved by people all over the world since ancient times. In Europe, it is said that "when danger is imminent, it will be broken to warn you", and it was customary for babies and children to wear it as a talisman to ward off evil. It is a popular power stone even today because of its striped pattern that resembles an animal's keen eye, which is believed to increase insight, bring foresight, and guide us in a safe direction. It is also said to have the power to repel evil spirits and increase one's fortune.

The gemstone word is "I will protect you". 

Green color called "Gunjo" is a pigment made from crushed malachite. By looking closer, you can see the pigment particles of the malachite. This is a popular series, and the one with a similar blue gem called azurite has already sold out. 

It can be used as a power stone amulet or to display in your room. With white clouds floating in the sky painted on silver foil, they are watching over you softly. 


"Silver Morning Haze" 30.0 x 15.0 cm  Oil Painting,  Gold foil.   Framed.
"Silver Morning Haze" 30.0 x 15.0 cm Oil Painting, Gold foil. Framed.


油彩・純金箔  30.0 x 15.0 cm(作品サイズ)  額入り 




朝もやが現れる日の天気は晴れなので、太陽の光が差し込めば すぐ気温があがり霧や霞は消えてゆきます。冷たく暗い夜はウソだったかのように。




This painting depicts a chilly spring dawn before the golden morning sun shines in from across the mountain range.

The weather is fine in the morning when mists appear, so as soon as the sun shines in, the temperature rises and the fog and haze disappear. The cold, dark night is like a lie.

For the background of this work, I first applied light silver foil to the entire surface and then layered several colors of transparent blue oil paints on top of it to create a gradation.

Mountains and trees are raised by a unique technique, so they sparkle every time the angle of the light changes.



"Sakura- Tribute to Hiroshige Utagawa"   45.5×38. cm  Oil Painting, Gold foil.  Framed.
"Sakura- Tribute to Hiroshige Utagawa" 45.5×38. cm Oil Painting, Gold foil. Framed.

「桜 〜歌川広重シリーズ〜」

油彩・純金箔 45.5×38.0 cm  作品サイズ)  額入り 



本作は江戸時代の浮世絵師 歌川広重 が描いた、『名所江戸百景~隅田川水神の森真崎~』へのオマージュです。都内の人気観光スポット 都庁のお土産売り場では、ポストカード売り上げランキングの上位に君臨する人気作品です。広重 本人が描いた作品は筑波山が描かれていますが、私は富士山に描き換えました。銀箔を透かせて描いた山脈と山中湖がお気に入りです。






This painting is a tribute to "Meisho Edo Hyakkei (100 Views of Meisho Edo) - Sumida River Water God's Forest, Masaki" painted by Utagawa Hiroshige, an ukiyoe artist of the Edo period.

In the souvenir section of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office, which is a popular tourist attraction in Tokyo, this is a popular product that tops the postcard sales rankings.

Hiroshige painted Mt. Tsukuba in his own work, but I changed it to Mt.Fuji.

My favorite is the mountain range and Lake Yamanaka, which I painted through the silver leaf.

If it was arranged in a more modern way, maybe I should have painted a sky-tree too. The flowers that bloom in the work are cherry blossoms.

Only the flower in the center is painted on the pure gold leaf which was raised by my own technique. I would also like to draw your attention to the flowers at the edge of the screen, painted like mist in Leonardo da Vinci's lost technique "Suhumato".

Both ends of the screen are decorated with pure gold gates that look like torii. Gold frames are also used in Klimt's works, which were strongly influenced by Japanese art.

If you hang it on the wall, the gold will reflect the light and make the room very bright. Enjoy the warm landscape as the sunshine spills through the window.


"Hawk- Tribute to Hiroshige Utagawa"   45.5×38. cm  Oil Painting, Gold foil.  Framed.
"Hawk- Tribute to Hiroshige Utagawa" 45.5×38. cm Oil Painting, Gold foil. Framed.

「鷹 〜歌川広重シリーズ〜」


 41.0×24.2 cm (作品サイズ)  額入り 



本作は江戸時代の浮世絵師 歌川広重が描いた『名所江戸百景~深川洲崎十万坪~』へのオマージュです。



強い翼で飛翔する様は可能性や自由な行動を表し、開運や夢の実現につながるため 初夢としても縁起が良いとされます。




日本の神話に登場する、天から吉兆をもたらすタカは黄金だったとの言い伝えがあるので、本作のタカも盛り上げた純金の上に描きました 。




夢で見るよりも もっと鮮明な縁起の良さが感じられてオススメです。


This work is a tribute to "Meisho Edo Hyakkei (100 Views of Meisho Edo) - Fukagawa Susaki 100,000 tsubo)" painted by Utagawa Hiroshige, an ukiyoe artist of the Edo period.

I have a great respect for not only Western but also Japanese painters, such as Katsushika Hokusai and Utagawa Hiroshige. In particular, "Meisho Edo Hyakkei" is a famous masterpiece that Van Gogh also paid homage to.

Imagine what would happen if I, a contemporary painter, painted this work. I would like to show my gratitude as a painter to my home country of Japan and the country of art that I revere.

The hawk, which has been loved in Japan since ancient times, symbolizes "leadership" and "future potential" as it looks out over the earth from high above.Flying with strong wings represents possibility and freedom of action, and it is said to be a good luck and a first dream because it leads to the realization of a dream.

In fact, in the original story by Utagawa Hiroshige, the hawk in the original painting is staring at a coffin floating in the sea, with Mt. Tsukuba in the background. I replaced it with Mt. Fuji and the Ring of Hope.

The golden ring, raised by a unique technique, resembles the eye of a hawk.

In Japanese mythology, it is said that the hawk that brings good fortune from the heavens was golden, so I drew it on pure gold, which also enlivened the hawk in this work. The silver foil used for the background of Mt. Fuji changes its brilliance when viewed from different angles.

The strong colors of the oil and gold leaf are as beautiful and powerful as the dynamic composition of the hawk.

This work depicts the auspicious "First, Mt.Fuji, second, hawk" , and as soon as it is displayed in the living room, it changes into a very stately atmosphere.

It is recommended to feel the goodness of the good fortune more vividly than it sees in a dream.



アートコレクターズ6月号 誌上販売作品 !

Art exclusively for sale on the magazine


Presentation by the artist


油絵、金箔、岩絵の具 22.7×15.8 cm(作品サイズ)  額入り


作家コメント: 今「アマビエ」と同様に疫病退散を願う方々に注目されている「ヨゲンノトリ」をアートコレクターズをご覧になる、あなたの為だけに描き下ろしました。



新型コロナウイルスの不安の渦の中で、家にこもり終息を待ちわびている あなたが少しでも励まされますよう、祈りを込めて。 





※ 「6月号誌上販売の中村真実作品」とご用命ください。

5月25日~6月20日まで  TEL 03-3564-6900 


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